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As much as I like blogger, and the fact that I can use my google account, I have finally decided that I will be moving to a new wordpress blog.

I will see how this experiment goes. This blog and the old entries will remain here, and if at some future point I find wordpress unsatisfactory, I can always come back.

One thing that I will miss is the the fact that in blogger I could insert javascript to use However, I disliked certain minor things about blogger. For instance the incredible amount of whitespace it would add between list items as well as before or after code-snippets. I also disliked the supported designs, though granted, that could be tweaked.

WordPress feels very snappy and fresh, and it seems to come with built-in latex support. We will see where this new blog goes and whether I decide to stay there or return here. However, for now I feel like trying it out.

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  1. zsbana says:

    WordPress? WORDPRESS? I thought if you changed from google blogger you’d choose something that actually works instead of something popular. This FAQ entry was when I decided WordPress was crap.

  2. Christophe Poucet says:

    Alternative suggestion are always welcome. So far wordpress does look clean.

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