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It’s my birthday today.

Edit: I’ve changed the way my posts are displayed to have “Read more” to keep the top-page cleaner. However, it’s still not what I want. For one, bloghelper says it leaves as homework how to remove the “Read more!”s from pages that do not have an extended article. I will go back and edit the other posts to add this span. If anyone knows how to remove the readmores from short posts that do not have an extended article, I’d be greatful. And if someone knows how to do it without just hiding the content (thereby reducing download time for readers), I’d be even more greatful.

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  1. Gleb says:

    Happy birthday then!

  2. LeCamarade says:

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Jessie says:

    Happy birthday (again) man! Have a great summer! :)

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