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ICFP Contest

Anyone in contact with me either online or IRL knows that I’m looking forward to the ICFP Contest with much anticipation. If possible, I will push for the #oasis channel on Freenode to be the de-facto discussion channel for different teams. Last year, there was a grass-roots movement whereby #oasis ended up to be this icfp-discussion channel, and it’d be nice to have it again.

Last year our team, Lazy Bottoms, made it in the top 5% (18th) and was mentioned several times in the results presentation. Hopefully this year we can make it top-10 or better. I think that our team has some very smart members of Haskell-noteworthiness, so I’m hopeful.

For more details about our team: Lazy Bottoms Team . I think the double entendre of the name should be obvious to most people reading this blog.

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  1. LeCamarade says:

    > take 0 [undefined]

    :o )

    I’ll only get in ICFP with my own language. :o )

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