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December, 2006:

Anno 2006 – Recap


Time to take a look back at Anno 2006, at least from the coding perspective. This year I learnt Haskell, in fact I started around January or so to seriously meddle with it. I had already looked at it priorly, and had been a resident of #haskell for quite a bit even though I mostly used O’Caml. During the second part of the year, I switched towards scheme, a language I had only used twice before. Once during my freshman year of university in an introductory PL course that every engineering student has to take (no I am not CS). Sadly, that course has now switched over to Java in which it is less obvious to show different semantical models (imperative, functional, message passing OO…). The second time I had used it was when I had quickly studied it in 2003 to use it for the ICFP contest. In part it was reading the “Reasoned Schemer” that led me back to this small but pretty language. I admit that I have not used it in any major projects but I find it is very to easily used to explore different semantical models without building a lot of frameworks (some of which I’ve built too often during the course of this year, you know the routine, lexer, parser, typechecker, etc and in the end you have little time to actually experiment with the language features or do anything useful).

So what about 2007, what language should I study now. I leave it to my probably non-existent readers to suggest. Perhaps it is time to stop thinking about coding and start to actually code some useful projects, something I’m always short of. That and of course finish my PhD which is to become a major priority. But I do think that after applying one of my new year’s resolutions, that of better time management, I will have some time to actually do some coding, or possibly learn a new language. Suggestions are welcome :) .

Anyways, for any of you out there that might be reading this, since tomorrow I will be on an airplane, I wish you an early happy new year. Cheers