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Kernel Language

Recently on lambda the ultimate I read about an interesting language named Kernel. Basically it aspires to do what Scheme originally aspired to do, namely have an ultra clean langauge design. Having read some more about scheme as of late, especially the fact that macros create certain places that are not first-class, I found the idea of Kernel interesting. I fear, however, that if he does not change the lexical syntax somewhat that it might die early. I found the naming convention he used rather illegible. True, naming convention is but a very very small part of a language, but it does help a lot in getting a user community.

I have to read the pdf again as I only briefly skimmed it, but if I understood correctly those parts that I skimmed, the distinction between macro and function dissapears completely, which I think should be a desireable feature, at least in terms of purity.

If I have more time and read it again I’ll drop some more comments

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