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ICME 2006

Just went to the ICME conference. It was my first conference and I admit that the experience was very pleasant, even though my poster was a bit off topic. It’s great to meet new people from all over the place. We quickly coalesced into a group with which we’d have lunch, dinner and drinks.

I think that in some way I’m a north american because my biorythm there was incredibly stable, yet here it is never. I would go to sleep at 1-2 am and wake up without the need of a clock between 6-8 (depending on the needs of that day).

A majority of the people at the conference were either Chinese or Taiwanese, it seems that Multimedia is very hot in Asia. A lot of the papers were oriented on H264.

Besides the conference I got the chance to look around Toronto, a beautiful city I must say, as well as visit the Falls. Pictures were taken, contact informations were exchanged, though a more personal event happened as well (which I will leave undisclosed). Anyways this led me to finally leaving Toronto with very mixed feelings.

On another note, I bought a book on Kungfu there on my last day, as I’ve been interested in picking up martial arts. And I was pleasantly surprised that it ties in very well with another interest that I’ve recently gotten into… buddhism. It seems Shaolin kungfu originates from a Buddhist Temple where (forgot name) himself introduced kungfu as a way of making the monks more active. They needed the activity as meditation is a rather intensive process.

Well that’s it for now. Back in Belgium, 30 hours travelling between saturday and sunday and was only really able to sleep 5 hours. That’s jetlag for you, though I must say that I’m not overly tired surprising as it may be. Granted, however, that today is a rather slow day and I’m mostly taking care of lighter tasks instead of my core research.

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  1. Christophe (vincenz) says:

    The name is Boddhidarma.

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