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Switching to blogspot


Although I have a website which is basically a wiki (pmwiki) which has blog plugin, I decided to get my own blog on blogspot. It irked me that the rss capabalities of the plugin were insufficient to get the feed of my blog on planet-like sites. In this case Planet Haskell. I hope that my website and this blog on blogspot will integrate properly.

On a sidenote, does anyone that uses blogspot know how it is possible to tag certain articles? It would be nice to tag my different articles by topic(s).

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  1. thsutton says:

    I link to the appropriate tags in my account in the body of a post and then bookmark the post page in as appropriate. If you add an extra “blog” tag to each post so bookmarked, you can use one of the feeds exports to get the tags that intersect with your “blog” tag.

    It works well enough for me (at that I haven’t really thought about switching to another service.

  2. Christophe (vincenz) says:

    Thanks for the suggestion :)

  3. Christophe (vincenz) says:

    No longer necessary with the new blogger engine :)

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